Education & Events

Our events are hosted virtually unless specifically noted as a live event.


Education is a critical part of estate planning at Caldwell Law. One of our goals is for our clients to understand their choices for their planning and to make informed decisions. To assist with the educational process, we host classes throughout the year, including two to three introductory workshops every month specifically designed for prospective clients.  We cover a variety of topics, including incapacity, asset alignment, estate taxes, probate and trust administration, and long-term care/Medicaid planning.

A few of our notable workshops are listed below.

Truth About Estate Planning – Presented Monthly

This workshop is designed to give you an overview of estate planning topics, including incapacity planning; long-term care planning; estate tax planning; after death planning; probate and trust administration; asset alignment; and much more.

Third Tuesday Titling Tutorials – Presented Monthly

Titling is the bane of successful estate planning. It doesn’t have to be so. These workshops are designed to answer your questions and increase your understanding of the importance of aligning your assets with your planning. We cover how to get it right and keep it right!

Helping Your Helpers – Presented Twice a Year

Helpers are those appointed as agents for financial affairs and health care. They include Executors of wills and Trustees of trusts. At this workshop clients and their Helpers will learn how an estate plan works if one loses capacity and after death. The discussion is designed to assist Helpers to better understand their roles. We encourage everyone involved in the plan to attend, as well as with other loved ones and caregivers, and walk away being able to answer the following questions – Does the Helper know what to do? Do they know what your wishes are? What happens if they cannot act when needed? They will have the opportunity to hear about typical issues which can be addressed by adequate planning.

Long-Term Care and Medicaid Planning Workshop

This two-hour educational presentation covers estate planning during incapacity and disability. We discuss guardianships, the basics of long-term care insurance, eligibility rules for long-term care Medicaid in NH and VT, asset protection, and much more. Workshops are held once a quarter.