Why Choose the New Hampshire and Vermont Attorneys of Caldwell Law?

The Caldwell Estate Planning Process

“My wife and I came from families with survivor benefit issues. We saw first hand what could happen if things were not put in place properly. We laid it all out for Tim Caldwell. He responded with many suggestions and guided us, helping us get all our ducks in a row, in a comprehensive manner. We truly enjoyed his white board approach. Tim is respected. He interfaces with banks like mine. We have a reciprocal arrangement with Tim to handle the legal aspects of our clients’ financial instruments. He helps our clients become financially educated.”

– Tom, Married, One Child, Community Bank Executive

The Caldwell Approach

“Tim Caldwell is flexible, fair, and communicates well. He always has the answers I need.”

– Carola, Single, Two Children and One Grandchild, Civic Minded

The Advantages of a Living Trust

“Our lives are more complicated now than in our parents’ day. We have many more financial details to take care of. Tim Caldwell helped us face the difficult task of planning for the future, which helps us do the most good for the next generation. He helps us revise certain details of our estate plan according to new situations that life gives us. In the past, I always let my husband handle the financial matters, but now I’ve taken over. Tim’s staff was very useful in helping me understand everything, so I know how to review our assets. This is a comfort to me because now I want to focus on activities that I’ve always wanted to do. I can concentrate on those things that bring me joy, without worrying about the financial minutiae.”

– Christine, Wife and Mother of Two

The Family Trust

“For a dozen years, Tim Caldwell and his team have attended to my legal needs. He fashioned my old will into a state-of-the-art legal document. He created a trust for my family and me. Tim’s counsel has pleased and comforted me enormously. If changes in state and federal laws occur between our annual talks, he calls and offers suggestions so I stay current. Tim’s many strengths lie in his ability to make the complex simple, the difficult understandable, and the legal ramifications clear and concise.”

– Joe, Husband and Grandfather

On Avoiding Probate

“I, and I suspect many others, am resistant to getting into the details of my coming demise. However, as the years have gone by, I have felt a rising guilt about failing to shoulder some of the responsibility of taking care of my family. Tim is someone who has gotten into all those details of dying. He knows in which situations he can advise me and when he must force me to decide. He knows when certain issues are in the mutual interest of my wife and me, and also when our interests are in opposition … and he provides an atmosphere in which such things can be discussed openly.

It is easy, both with the rapid changes in the law and the changes in my life, to have the title to things be wrong for avoiding probate or for the beneficiaries of my modest wealth to become inappropriate for one reason or another. The Lifeplan™ arrangement developed by Tim allows his staff to keep after me, and keep things up-to-date as my circumstances change with time.

On the lighter side, if there can be one in the business of wills and estates, there are regular meetings with friendly people, free concerts with free food, and free advice from various speakers about topics a bit broader than where all the stuff goes when I die.”

– Larry, Husband, Father of Two, and Construction Executive

The Revocable Trust and The Living Will

“With Caldwell Law, you are not treated like a client; you become a member of the family. My wife and I started working with Tim and Tracy seven years ago, putting together an estate plan with revocable trusts, living wills, medical powers of attorney, and end-of-life care documents. All this was accomplished with speed and efficiency, around my wife’s schedule of chemotherapy treatments. In 2007, we updated these documents in just two meetings. At Caldwell’s Annual Client Meeting in 2008, I learned we might have some shortfalls in how our trusts are funded, which were corrected in just a week’s time, with Violet’s help.”

– Jack and Joan, Retired Military

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