Estate Settlement

At Caldwell Law, we have handled hundreds of estate settlement matters during our years of practice. In some cases, families were torn apart by fighting among the survivors, because they didn’t know how the decedent wanted his/her matters to be handled. In other situations, medical teams provided treatments to prolong life when the patients, if they’d been able to say so, would rather have just let go. Sometimes family wealth was diminished by administrative and legal costs that could have been minimized or avoided.

Many of these difficult cases could have been easier to settle if a little more time had been devoted to planning during lifetime.

Will your estate plan work for you? To help you answer this question, this paper addresses factors surrounding estate settlement, beginning with the subject of incapacity, continuing to address post mortem considerations, and, finally, revisiting both subjects from the perspective of the people (agents, trustees and executors) who surround (assist) the person who has become incapacitated or died.

Do you have questions about Estate Settlement? Contact the team at Caldwell Law. We would be happy to answer your questions and help make estate settlement work for you.