Our Approach

 Our lives are rarely static. Things change as life progresses. Our circumstances and attitudes evolve. Laws and tax codes get revised. Our goal at Caldwell Law is to help you develop a plan and keep it current. Planning and administrating an estate is an interactive process. You have questions, concerns, and ideas. How do you want to be cared for when you are unable to communicate? Will someone have to obtain legal guardianship over me? What is probate? What is a living trust? It is our job to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions that reflect your goals.




The process of estate planning and administration raises questions, sparks conversation, and leads you to make decisions that reflect your goals.

Is probate always required? Can I preserve assets in a living trust? If you want answers to these and other questions, contact Caldwell Law to start your personal discussion.


Caldwell Law offers two approaches to answer your estate planning questions and serve your needs: Lifeplan Legal Services™ and Traditional Planning. The counseling for and designing of both plans are the same. The difference between them relates to the maintenance of the plan once it is in place.

You decide which option is best for you, depending on your estate planning and trusts needs and desires.

The Lifeplan™ option involves an ongoing, formal relationship with Caldwell Law. We reach out to tell you when you should work on maintaining your estate plan as laws, tax codes, and life’s situations evolve. Our staff works with you to carry out the updates required to keep the plan strong and rock-solid. We assist with all the details such as “helper” training and funding/titling. To learn more about about the Lifeplan™ approach, click here.

The Traditional Planning option features less frequent communications and estate plan updates. The client initiates funding and titling assistance.


Our New Hampshire and Vermont Lawyers focus on guidance. We teach. We listen. We counsel. We help clients create, implement, and maintain estate plans designed to take good care of tomorrow.

The goal of estate planning is to make a plan that provides for you and your beneficiaries and legally safeguards your property and wealth against undesirable, avoidable loss of assets.

Asset protection addresses an array of situations, such as minimizing taxes, or protecting assets in the event of an unforeseen occurrence such as a beneficiary’s divorce or lawsuit.

Wills vs. trusts. Which or both? Caldwell Law employs a variety of tools such as advance directives, powers of attorney, living wills, wills, and trusts.

Are you interested in learning more about elder law and legacy management? We invite you to browse our collection of free resources that we have the pleasure of collecting and updating for you.