Estate Planning

Everyone needs it, regardless of his or her age or financial wealth. Our New Hampshire and Vermont lawyers answer the question: What is estate planning?

Most people believe financial estate planning focuses on what happens upon death. This overlooks the most important part of an estate plan: What do you want to accomplish in the time you have left? The purpose of an estate plan is to manage, use, and protect assets over time.

Caldwell Law’s comprehensive estate planning process covers a wide variety of issues that we guide you through. Careful consideration of these matters is required so we can help you design an estate plan that reflects your personal desires and goals.


    1. Free workshops: Introduction to Estate Planning and Long-term Care and Medicaid Planning provide overviews of the essential elements of an estate plan that works for you! Register here!
    2. Private Consultation: For those who are ready to move forward with planning, or explore the possibility in greater detail without attending an introductory class, call to schedule a meeting today.
    3. Initial Meeting: After an introduction to our process is complete, this meeting focuses on reviewing and prioritizing your estate planning goals. We also review asset ownership, tilting issues and finally line up the steps needed to insure your plan meets your expectations.
    4. Design Meeting: Building on earlier discussions and prioritizing your planning goals, we design a plan right for you. The final part of the meeting focuses on asset alignment.
    5. Review and Signing Meeting: This meeting concentrates on reviewing, revising, and answering final question and signing your plan.
    6. Asset Alignment: When applicable, titling and other legal work involved in asset alignment will be done to make sure your assets are titled in a manner consistent with the terms of your plan. This step, a critical and often overlooked aspect of planning your estate, is necessary to help make your plan work.



The Lifeplan™planning process involves an ongoing and formal relationship with Caldwell Law after your plan has been created. To keep plans (and clients) up-to-date, the Lifeplan™process includes regular communications from Caldwell Law, meetings designed to review planning and planning options, “helper” training, and ongoing funding/titling assistance.

Taking care of tomorrow means keeping your plan current.


Estate Planning White Papers Many people do not want to think about Estate Planning and even fewer make decisions and create plans. This summary describes aspects and the process of estate planning. It is not exhaustive; it is meant to raise questions that lead to conversations. We hope these conversations help you focus on what matters most to you. As you review your planning, reflect on the goals you have set for yourself, your family, and your community. This summary includes descriptions of some of the most common planning tools and basic administrative requirements and a discussion of the implications of the most current tax legislation.

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