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Are you looking for a probate lawyer to help you…

✔️Manage an estate after the death of a loved one?
✔️ Resolve conflicting claims to property, vehicles, money, or other assets?
✔️Allocate, use, and protect a deceased family member’s assets?
✔️Settle a deceased family member’s debts and taxes?
✔️Navigate the probate process with or without a will?

If so, you need the services of an expert probate law firm like Caldwell Law. Our top-ranked legal team can help you manage your probate case and settle an estate even in the absence of a will or other estate plan.

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“For a dozen years, Tim Caldwell and his team have attended to my legal needs…Tim’s counsel has pleased and comforted me enormously…Tim’s many strengths lie in his ability to make the complex simple, the difficult understandable, and the legal ramifications clear and concise.” – Client

With our team on your side, you can ensure the probate law process runs smoothly after the death of your family member, even if they did not leave a will. Our probate attorneys perform estate settlement and a variety of probate services such as helping identify assets, preparing an inventory, paying taxes, settling the decedent’s outstanding debts, managing the estate, and distributing assets according to the decedent’s will or if the decedent had no will, pursuant to intestate law.

Caldwell Law is known for its compassionate, thorough care in handling probate law and other estate settlement matters. Our attorneys are:

✔️Experienced. Our team has decades of combined experience in probate law and has helped countless clients settle estates after the death of a loved one.
✔️ Qualified. The attorneys at our firm have successfully represented clients in matters of estate settlement, including probate administration for the unplanned estate or outdated wills and trusts.
✔️Comprehensive. Successful estate settlement requires a thorough overview of the estate, including gathering assets, identifying debts, preparing an Inventory, paying taxes and submitting an accounting. Our attorneys leave no stone unturned when considering aspects of your case.
✔️ Available. Even if you can’t make it into the office for an appointment, we offer online consultations by phone, over Facetime or Skype, and also provide workshops, seminars, and teleconferences for our clients.

Facing the death of a loved one is difficult. You shouldn’t have to worry about what will happen to their estate under your care. Enlist the help of Caldwell Law to get the legal support you need to navigate probate and help you settle the estate.


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