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Estate planning. Everyone needs it, regardless of his or her age or financial wealth. Our New Hampshire and Vermont lawyers answer the question: What is estate planning?

Most people believe financial estate planning focuses on what happens upon death. This overlooks the most important person in an estate plan: What do you want to accomplish in the time you have left? The purpose of an estate plan is to manage, use, and protect assets over time.

Can I preserve assets in a living trust? If this answer is important to you, stay with us on this website and learn more about how you can gain control of your future.

Caldwell Law's easy to use estate planning process covers a wide variety of issues that we guide you through. Careful consideration of these matters is required so we can help you design an estate plan that reflects your personal desires and goals.

Our New Hampshire and Vermont Lawyers Focus on Guidance

What are your estate planning questions? We teach. We listen. We counsel. We help clients create, implement, and maintain estate plans designed to take good care of tomorrow.

The goal of estate planning is to make a plan that provides for you and your beneficiaries and legally safeguards your property and wealth against undesirable, avoidable loss of assets.

Asset protection addresses an array of situations, such as minimizing taxes, or protecting assets in the event of an unforeseen occurrence such as a beneficiary's divorce or lawsuit.

Wills vs. trusts. Which or both? Caldwell Law employs a variety of tools such as advance directives, powers of attorney, living wills, wills, and trusts.

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What are your estate planning questions?

Are you concerned with elder law? Estate planning long-term care? Medicaid planning? Special needs? Estate planning for pets? Our New Hampshire and Vermont lawyers have the answers.

Find out if you can benefit from our Estate Planning and Trusts process.

Get to know the many elder law and estate planning resources we offer on this site.

Contact the New Hampshire and Vermont lawyers at Caldwell Law.