Funding Services

The effectiveness of your estate plan begins and ends with funding. Funding is the process of making sure all of your assets are owned in a manner consistent with the goals of your estate plan. Assets can include real estate, bank accounts, investment and retirement accounts, annuities, life insurance policies, tangible personal property, automobiles and digital assets. This includes designating beneficiaries for your retirement accounts and insurance policies. This applies to will-based and trust-based estate plans.

Why is funding important? Failure to properly title assets or to correctly designate beneficiaries can lead to unintended consequences, such as unwanted probate administration, a wrong person benefiting, no asset protection, and unanticipated taxes.

Our funding services include the following:
  • Assistance in locating and organizing all financial assets and holdings.
  • Annual review of financial assets and holdings.
  • Advice and counseling relative to re-titling assets and designating beneficiaries in a manner consistent with one’s plan.
  • Preparation of all documents necessary to effectuate the re-titling of assets, including but not limited to: Change of Ownership Forms; Change of Beneficiary Forms; Client Instruction Cover Letters; Confirmation Statements; Verification forms; and Property and Casualty Insurance Letters.
  • Review and verification of the titling of your assets.
  • Preparation of Asset Review Report to reflect funding status.
  • Training Meetings.
  • Advice and Counseling in relation to the funding of newly acquired assets.

Check out our Funding, Getting Title Right, Luncheons for clients only.
We go through the step-by-step how to process of getting title right.          

This Years Funding Luncheons:
  •      Wednesday,  March 15th 12-1pm (Trust)
  •      Wednesday, June 21st 12-1pm (Will)
  •      Wednesday, October 18th 12-1pm (Trust)
Please feel free to contact Caldwell Law for more details on what kind of funding services our professional team can provide for you.