Estate Planning and Settlement

Grafton County Senior Citizens Council North Haverhill, NH

Join attorney Renée Harvey at the Horse Meadow Senior Center in North Haverhill, as she discusses the importance and basics for estate planning and settlement. Please call the Grafton County Senior Citizens Council at 603-448-4897 to register.

Planning for Incapacity


Join attorney Jamie Thaxton for a discussion of incapacity planning considerations through the Aging Resource Center. We will discuss the estate and long-term care planning considerations in advance of being diagnosed with, or exhibiting the symptoms of, a debilitating health issue.  You will have the opportunity to hear about typical issues and problems that can […]

Life Story Interviewing

ONLINE via Zoom NH

Your life story is your legacy, and a profoundly meaningful gift for everyone you share it with. Life story interviewing offers two tremendous gifts: the chance to explore your memories and experiences with an attentive and curious guide, and the chance to share your story with people who are important to you. Join Megan Clark […]

The Truth about Estate Planning


Join Jamie Thaxton as he discusses The Truth About Estate Planning.  This workshop is a 2-3 hour educational presentation that will teach you about estate planning, incapacity or disability, estate tax planning, asset protection trusts, probate laws, elder law, guardianship, and much more.

Third Tuesday Titling


Titling is the bane of successful estate planning. It doesn’t have to be so. Join Tom Weir, our Titling Coordinator via Zoom for our Third Tuesday Titling Tutorial. These sessions are designed to answer your questions and increase the understanding of the importance of titling and how to get it right and keep it right! […]