New Hampshire and Vermont Estate Planning and Trusts

We ask our estate planning and trusts clients "What is most important to you?" The answers are as unique as they are. Everyone's goals differ. Our clients vary. So, please tell us what is most important to YOU.

Your answers lead to discussions on a variety of issues on estate planning and trusts. We help you deal with your concerns for:

  • estate planning long-term care
  • elder law
  • multi-generational planning
  • asset protection
  • obtaining legal guardianship
  • family trusts
  • caring for people important to you
  • minimizing taxes
  • special needs
  • wills and trusts
  • avoiding probate
  • trust settlement
  • avoiding costly estate planning financial mistakes.

The Key to Estate Planning and Estate Settlement is Communication

Estate planning and trusts for families throughout New Hampshire and Vermont Caldwell Law offers two approaches to answer your estate planning questions and serve your needs: Lifeplan Legal Services™ and Traditional Planning. Caldwell Law also offers estate settlement services.

The counseling for, and designing of, both plans are the same. The difference between them relates to the maintenance of the plan once it is in place.

You decide which option is best for you, depending on your estate planning and trusts needs and desires.

Lifeplan Legal Services™

The Lifeplan™ option involves an ongoing, formal relationship with Caldwell Law. We reach out to tell you when you should work on maintaining your estate plan as laws, tax codes, and life's situations evolve. Our staff works with you to carry out the updates required to keep the plan strong and rock-solid. We assist with all the details such as "helper" training and funding/titling.

Traditional Planning

The Traditional Planning option features less frequent communications and estate plan updates. Funding/titling assistance requests are initiated by the client.

Probate and Estate Settlements

Caldwell Law also offers probate and estate settlement services to assist fiduciaries with the sometimes complex job of settling an estate.

Fiduciary Services

When objective, professional assistance is desired, our New Hampshire and Vermont lawyers can also serve as executors and/or trustees of client plans.

Estate Planning and Estate Settling is About our Clients' Special Needs

When you become our client, you become our extended family. We meet from time to time to work on estate plan maintenance. We also get together to have a good time at annual social events.

Here's What One Client Says About His Family Trust

"For a dozen years, Tim Caldwell and his team have attended to my legal needs. He fashioned my old will into a state-of-the-art legal document. He created a trust for my family and me. Tim's counsel has pleased and comforted me enormously. If changes in state and federal laws occur between our annual talks, he calls and offers suggestions so I stay current. Tim's many strengths lie in his ability to make the complex simple, the difficult understandable, and the legal ramifications clear and concise."

- Joe, Husband and Grandfather - 2009

Here's What Another Client Says About the Advantages of a
Living Trust

"Our lives are more complicated now than in our parents' day. We have many more financial details to take care of. Tim Caldwell helped us face the difficult task of planning for the future, which helps us do the most good for the next generation. He helps us revise certain details of our estate plan according to new situations that life gives us. In the past, I always let my husband handle the financial matters, but now I've taken over. Tim's staff was very useful in helping me understand everything, so I know how to review our assets. This is a comfort to me because now I want to focus on activities that I've always wanted to do. I can concentrate on those things that bring me joy, without worrying about the financial minutiae."

- Christine, Wife and Mother of Two - 2009

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