Estate Settlement and Planning an Estate

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Want to avoid costly, time-consuming probate?
  • Wills and trusts require updating; have you reviewed yours lately?
  • Care to establish a living trust?
  • Are your assets titled in such a way as to avoid probate?
  • Want to control the funds you leave after your death?
  • Know someone with special needs you wish to be cared for properly when you are no longer around?
  • Does your family business have a succession plan for when you don’t show up one day?
  • Have funds you want to leave to a worthy cause or organization?
  • If you are incapacitated and cannot speak for yourself, do you want the health care you receive and your financial affairs managed your way?
  • When you served as an Executor for a deceased person’s estate, did you vow to avoid the mess you experienced then because s/he failed to adequately plan for end-of-life?
If your answer is YES to any of these questions, you should learn more about estate planning and settlement. To do that:
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