Estate Planning Articles

Estate Planning and Long-Term Care can be difficult subjects to wrap you head around. Reading up on these issues is a good way to start reflecting on how you want to move forward with your legacy.  On this page, you will find links to several interesting and relevant articles that could help you as you begin to consider what elder law means to you.

Digital Estates

Managing your “digital estate,” was one of the topics discussed at our Annual Client Meeting last May. One of the challenges, as with other assets, is identifying the digital assets you own and giving your fiduciaries instructions with respect to these assets. For an estate planning tool referred to as a "Digital Audit," please contact our office and we will send you information.

For a primer on some of the questions addressed in dealing with digital estates click here to listen to a recording broadcast on NHPR on April 3rd.


New Look at End of Life Care

Having an up to date Advance Directive is a critical part of everyone’s estate plan. Reviewing your wishes with your health care agent, your medical team and your family is an important part of the planning process. For a thoughtful discussion about planning for end of life care, click on this link to hear Ira Byock, MD, of DHMC, one of our previous Annual Client Meeting speakers, interviewed by Jane Lindholm of Vermont Public Radio.


Why Doctors Die Differently

Careers in medicine have taught them the limits of treatment and the need to plan for the end. Click here for an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal.

If you have more questions about elder law or estate planning and administration, please contact Caldwell Law today! We would be delighted to help you work through some of your concerns.